Personal Bonus

This reward utilises a Unilevel system with unlimited width throughout 12 levels.

Rewards are paid out up to 12 levels based on your rank and qualifications achieved.

There is also a 10% matching bonus up to 12 levels.


Based on the pack type you purchased, you will ONLY earn on the following levels:

  • Active Bronze = 7 levels
  • Active Silver = 8 levels
  • Active Gold = 10 levels
  • Active Platinum = 12 levels + 1% Global Share (Monthly)
  • Active VIP = 12 levels + 2% Global Share (Monthly)

To maintain your earning levels you must be active before month end, which means you must of made a monthly purchase of GMX-R or GMX-RP or still have activation left based on the pack you purchased/upgraded to. If you are inactive by end of month, you will ONLY earn on 3 levels.

New Purchases or upgrades will maintain your activation for the following periods:

  • Bronze Pack: 2 months activation
  • Silver Pack: 3 months activation
  • Gold Pack: 4 months activation
  • Platinum Pack: 5 months activation
  • VIP Pack: 6 months activation

For example:
If I purchase or upgrade as a Bronze in April.... I get April + May as activated
If I purchase or upgrade as a Gold in April.... I get April + May + June + July as activated